About Us

FL3P is a mentality. A mentality of Collaborative Innovation

We are real People.

You name it, we’ve probably done it. From running conferences for up to 5000 people, to making music, to building start ups.

Here is our story:

FL3P began back in September 2011 with an idea. An idea to utilise a creative skillset to make a positive difference to people around us. To their operations, their businesses, and their lives.

Initially born as ‘Myellow’ (pron. m-yell-oh) on a foundation of intelligent web development and design services, we were proud to enable our clients to achieve both sales growth and brand excellence through a sleek looking, fully-functional website.

Our commitment to innovation throughout a period of technological boom, has seen both our clients and our own organisation rapidly evolve to embrace change and to further advance. Regular reviews enabled us to realise that we were in fact offering far more value than simply web development and design, and that this was an opportunity to further grow and contribute to the success of our loyal contingent of clients.

Fast forward several years, through a period known as ‘Project M’ and an expansion into IT solutions and here we are! It’s 2017, we’ve got a fl3pped mindset, a robust and capable team and a passion to continue to build upon the great results we’ve achieved for our clients thus far.

Our Team

Aaron Winning

Aaron Winning

Founder & Director

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